Value for Money

Ashcroft services are excellent value for money

We ensure that funding is set at the correct level to enable our servcies to meet peoples' needs.  We do not aspire to be the lowest cost provider, but we do seek to deliver best value to all our customers.

We recognise that there is great pressure on the public purse.  The population of people needing services is increasing whilst funding is being reduced.  We play our part by operating as economically and efficiently as possible, costing services transparently and restricting our profit margins to a level which enables us to sustaina nd develop.  We operate an ‘open book’ policy with all our customers.

We are normally able to respond promptly to any initial enquiry with an estimate of costs for guidance based on our experience. We will, of course, undertake a detailed assessment to identify the person’s needs and determine if we can meet them.

We are experienced in working with complex financial arrangements in which services are funded from a range of sources. These include the individuals themselves (via direct payments and individualised budgets), Social Services, CCGs, Disability Living Allowances, Income Support, Disability Premium, Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit.