Supported Living - Promoting independance

Flexible support delivered to people in their own homes

Ashcroft can provide as much or as little support as a person needs. Current services range from providing a lady with two hours of support a week, to supporting a man with over fifty hours per week.

Generally Ashcroft is employed as the primary carer, often supporting people with all aspects of their lives.  In other cases, such as where a person lives with parents or relatives, we are happy to fulfil a secondary role. This might involve, for example, supporting an individual to attend a specific activity, such as attending college or following a leisure pursuit.

The support we provide is self-directed. People choose when to receive support, who they wish to support them and how they wish to use the support provided to them.

We provide twenty-four-hour emergency on-call assistance to ensure that people living independently can access support at all times.

The Ashcroft Supported Living Service employs a team of well qualified, very experienced people able to provide high quality support which is truly personalised.

Supported Living Accommodation