Finding the right placement or support service isn't easy. We will work positively with you to determine whether we can meet your needs and offer you a service

If you wish to refer someone to us, or just chat about what we do, please contact us in one of the following ways:

For Supported Living Services & Residential Services:
Telephone: 01293 826200   Fax: 01293 826210

For general enquiries about placements or services:
Telephone: 01293 826200   Fax: 01293 826210

On receipt of your referral, we will work with you to:

  1. Learn about you to understand your needs at an overview level. This will enable us to make a preliminary assessment and determine whether Ashcroft may be able to meet your needs. This is likely to be paper-based at this stage, involving a review of the most recent Community Care Assessment and any other papers available to us.
  2. Produce a high level service costing (based at this stage on many assumptions) to give you a preliminary view of the level of fees we anticipate charging for providing a service. We know that this can be helpful to purchasers at an early point in the process.
  3. Undertake a detailed assessment, including visits to the individual and interviews with people close to him or her and the current providers. We may visit the person several times in different settings. This part of the process will draw on the skills of our Behavioural Team.
  4. Specify the service most appropriate for the person.
  5. Determine whether Ashcroft has a suitable placement or support service available.
  6. Produce a detailed service costing.
  7. Offer a placement or service.

We consider three aspects of this process to be key:

  1. We know that the quality of outcomes people achieve is directly linked to the quality of the assessment undertaken at the outset. Our assessment will be detailed and comprehensive, and we will only offer a placement if we are certain that we can meet the person’s needs.
  2. The involvement of the person and those people who know him or her well is essential in producing a good assessment. We will work closely with you throughout.
  3. The process must be completely flexible since each person’s circumstances are different. In some cases, such as where a person’s current placement is breaking down, this process has been expedited and taken only a week. In other cases, for example where a person is leaving school in a year’s time, the pace has been much gentler.