Achieving Excellence

At Ashcroft we aspire to provide support services of the highest possible quality. Our services are measured against external standards and subject to continuous improvement

In 2006, we began working with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Excellence Model to assure quality throughout our organisation.

Every year we conduct self-assessment audits of all areas of our business and organisation, including surveys of our stakeholders. Self-assessment defines our strengths, measures the achievement of Service User outcomes and identifies areas for improvement. We use the information to drive further progress in our services through an Annual Planning and Review Cycle.

We publish the findings of our surveys and the actions for implementation so that our Stakeholders know that their comments are listened to and used in developing our organisation.

We listen to complaints, take them seriously, investigate thoroughly, report honestly and learn from our mistakes.

We identify external benchmarks and standards against which we can compare ourselves, and we continuously update our policies and procedures to ensure that we remain at the forefront of service delivery.

We take care to recruit people with the right personal values and invest heavily in their training and development to equip them to deliver excellent support. Ashcroft has become an employer of choice in Surrey and West Sussex, able to attract and retain the best people.